Three Signs Your Home Needs Drain Cleaning

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Expert drain cleaning services keep your home’s plumbing system efficient!

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Every single homeowner in the country has dealt with a drainage clog at one time or another. It’s a part of modern plumbing. While ever more efficient, modern plumbing is subject to drainage clogs on occasion. It happens – and it can be dealt with! First and foremost, you need to know the signs of a drainage clog, and then how to prevent recurring clogs after the initial clog is cleared up. In doing this, you increase the efficiency of your plumbing system and reduce the amount you spend on plumbing repairs. We all love saving money, and after all, we want an efficient plumbing system, too!

Slow Drainage

Number one – The most common sign of a drainage clog in a residential property is slow drainage. If the water is not going down the drain quick enough like it used to, then chances are that something within the drain or pipe itself is limiting the flow. Often, this blockage is a combination of hair, grease, or hygiene products. On occasion, it may be food particles too, depending on whether or not your kitchen drain is involved.

Relatively slow drainage is indicative of a minor clog. However, this will gradually worsen over time. In that case, you’ll see a full-blown backup, leak, or recurring clogs.

Unpleasant Odors

Yep, that’s right. The moment you smell an unpleasant odor stemming from any drain in your home, it’s time to schedule professional drain cleaning. There’s a good reason for this! Your home’s plumbing system is designed to keep such odors from entering into the house. The odor is typically trapped within the system, where it is then drawn away from the house, and into the septic system or the city’s connection.

So when you have an unpleasant odor, it’s because something rotten is clogged in the drain, or sewage backup. Either way, you’ll want to schedule quality drain cleaning services immediately to rectify the problem.

Gurgling Noises

Did you hear that? Often, you may notice a strange gurgling noise emanating from within the drain itself. When a drain is running smoothly, without any clogs or blockages, you’ll never hear any weird gurgling sound whatsoever. This warning gurgle only occurs when the flow of water is interrupted. Without anywhere to go, the water begins to gurgle and bubble as it attempts to squeeze past. The pressure often leads to a backup.

Once the water begins to swirl and you hear that noise from deep within the drain, it’s time to act. You’ll want to schedule prompt drain cleaning services to outright stop the gurgling noise – and prevent further drainage clogs from ever happening.

Whether you experience one or more of the above symptoms of a drainage clog, it’s time to be proactive. Go ahead and schedule efficient, professional drain cleaning services. You’ll thank yourself later. Just don’t wait for the situation to worsen, because if you do, you’ll likely wind up with a severe clog that requires pipe replacement. You could also experience leaks that lead to water damage, or the absolute worst – perhaps sewage backup into your home.

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