Tips to Help Prevent Holiday Plumbing Embarrassments

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Prevent Holiday Plumbing EmbarrassmentsFor the lucky ones amongst us, this time of year brings celebrations with family and friends, often in our homes. That often means an abundance of delicious food that is just too hard to resist for most of us. And that brings us this blog’s topic … trying to prevent a holiday embarrassment from happening in our bathroom.

Here’s a list of simple tips to help keep the line at your bathroom moving along:

If you were travelling you would check your oil, tire pressure and so on. What about your toilet? Take the time to flush the toilets in your home and listen. How long does it take for the tank to refill? Is it operating the way you would expect it to?

If your bathroom is not already prepared for small children, take the time to move small objects from the back of the tank and near the toilet. It’s never a good time to have things accidentally drop into the toilet from curious small hands.

Prepare for the worst! Have a plunger easily seen by guests who might encounter a clog. Take a moment to ensure that you have the right kind of plunger in the bathroom. The orange suction cup type is great for the kitchen sink, but for the toilet you want to have a ball-shaped or foldout-cup style on hand.

You won’t always know when the toilet paper roll comes to its last few squares. Have extras on hand that guests can easily find.

Roto-Rooter continues to be the #1 name in plumbing. If a plumbing problem threatens to interfere with your holiday, check out our money saving coupons and then give us a call.

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