Get a Handle on the Winter Hardships of Hard Water in Lake Charles, LA and Beaumont, TX

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Hard WaterWinter is hard enough to deal with and hard water just makes things worse! Hard water can make common winter annoyances such as dry, itchy skin and lifeless hair even worse. Soaps and detergents don’t work as well in hard water and can damage your clothes and linens. This will make them look dingy and feel uncomfortable. Similarly, dishes and other household items have a hard time — no pun intended — getting clean and may have spots or a film like residue left on them even after they’ve been washed.

Aside from all this, hard water can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing. The minerals which make water “hard” can damage your plumbing pipes over time by causing a buildup, known as scale, on the inside walls. This can decrease the water pressure while causing appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters to operate less efficiently. Hard water will also shorten their lifespan.

Unlike “soft” water which is totally free of mineral impurities, hard water has an excess of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Based on hard water statistics from the United States Geological Survey (USGS), nearly 85% of homes in the United States have hard water! Is yours part of that 85%?

This area is naturally prone to having hard water but at Roto-Rooter Lake Charles, we got you covered. We proudly offer a number of top notch plumbing services, such as our plumbing fixture repair and maintenance service to help you get a handle on hard water. Got an old water heater that makes loud noises as a result of scale buildup? You can trust us to repair or install a new one!

Hard water treatments can be used to improve water quality and safety. Home water softeners use salt to remove the excess of minerals. Their initial cost can be pricey, but many consider them a wise investment, especially in this area.

An affordable but limited alternative is point of use filters for faucets and showers. Not only are they easy to install, but they’re also very effective in removing an excess of minerals. Water pitcher filters are an incredibly quick and easy way to get better tasting drinking water. Point of use filters and water pitcher filters are a good drinking water solution, but they don’t even come close to addressing all the problems that hard water creates!

Vinegar is a multipurpose household ingredient no home should be without! It’s great for homemade salad dressings but it can also be used to combat the effects of hard water. Just add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle when doing laundry. You can even use it in your dishwasher as a rinse aid! Clean your coffee maker by running a brew cycle with vinegar. Diluted apple cider vinegar can be used after shampooing your hair in hard water to bring life back to it. Vinegar is a great home remedy that combats some of the problems hard water causes, but it doesn’t address them all.

In an area like ours that is prone to hard water it is worth the investment to install a water treatment system. Don’t go easy on hard water! Contact or call us at Roto-Rooter Lake Charles if you’ve been dealing with these issues or suspect you have hard water.


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