Septic Tank Pumping Service in Lake Charles


Septic Tank Pumping Service Lake Charles, LAThe chances are high that you may not think about your septic tank too often, unless you encounter a problem. If you go outside and smell a foul odor, you need to invest in septic tank pumping with a professional company. At Roto-Rooter of Lake Charles and Beaumont, we have the expertise and the equipment to complete this septic tank pumping service for you.

Things to Know about Septic Tank Pumping Service

You may be interested in knowing what’s involved in getting your septic tank cleaned or repaired. This is not a task that is completed every day, but it’s important in order to keeping your home running smoothly. Below are some things you may want to know about this process:

  1. There are two components to a septic tank: the tank and the soil absorption system. Both of these will need cleaning.
  2. Sludge and scum can build up in your septic tank, and they may cause problems with your plumbing if they are not occasionally cleaned out.
  3. Septic tank pumping takes 4-5 hours to manually complete, and the average time that a professional needs to complete the job is two hours.
  4. There are a number of steps involved when it comes to clearing out your septic tank. These may range from finding the tank to checking for leaks.
  5. Septic tanks are extremely unsanitary and contain deadly gases that should be avoided. Unless you’re a professional plumber, you should never enter them.

Let Us help!

At Roto-Rooter of Lake Charles and Beaumont, we’re happy to do your septic tank pumping for you. We are experts in the field and know what septic tank pumping service demands. Simply Contact or Call us at (337) 944-0108 today to schedule your next appointment with us!

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Excellent customer service from the after hours call, to the end when Tim and Bruce finishing up a job well done. Great job team.

Kimmie S

Tony did a really great job! He was very polite and professional. I will continue using your company because of Tony!

Tim and Bruce were very professional, kind, personable and knew what they were doing! I will be using you again and recommend you to others. I was very pleased with the service I received.

I got a thank you letter in the mail from your company! I was very pleased with the service I received. Your tech was very nice, polite and professional. I will be using you again and refer you to other people! Thank you again for the letter.

Thank you very much for the great service, I will be referring you to others! I appreciated how my call was handled, and Shelby gave me great service.

Andrew is a great representative for your company. He was very kind, friendly, answered all my questions and explained things I didn’t understand. I feel you need to know he is an asset to your company and I will continue to deal with you in the future!

Derrick was positive, worked hard, was professional and very speedy!

Byron was very helpful with my questions, explained what he did and why, and I appreciated his fast service. He repaired a sewer line in my back yard and I feel I was given a fair price for a good job in a timely manner. I will definitely be using you again!

Byron was very professional and I will be using your company again. He did a good job and has a great personality!

Byron was a stand-up gentleman; very friendly, fast and professional. I appreciated the great service, and he said he appreciated me and my business before thanking me kindly.

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